Ramzi Benhizia–Feyrouz Ahlam Saidi: Desertification in Algeria,monitoring the degradation of “El Djelfa region”

Desertification is an environmental vital problem of the most arid regions, half of the land areas in the world have been affected by desertification, resulting from various factors, climatic variations, and human activities, specifically because of human mismanagement of cultivated rangelands and natural changes in climate and global warming can affect the rainfall pattern which leads to desertification, Algeria is one of the countries most affected by desertification, with approximately 20 million hectares of rangelands and nearly 500,000 hectares of land in steppe areas are in the process of desertification, this study includes all the methods have undertaken by the Algerian authority to stop the advance of sands toward the north of the country since the independence in 1962 and integrate all these programs and plans and policies to combat desertification within the plans for sustainable development, “Green Dam” is one the biggest projects in Algeria, invaulabal achievement of this project carried out, the region of El Djelfa classified as a very high sensitivity to desertification area , also we will conduct the effectiveness of the Green Dam project in this area, while the assessment and monitoring of the dynamic of desertification based on changes in the area and mapping the changes using GIS and Remote Sensing technology will generated out.

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