The study examines the connection of between energy consumption, energyproduction, and population growth in Egypt. By analyzing the challenges and opportunities ofRE production and consumption for creating a sustainable market and reduce the dependenceon conventional energy resources and achieve Egyptian development strategy (Egypt's Vision2030). For achieving these objectives, the SWOT analysis was applied to investigate theinternal and external factors by focusing on the strengths and opportunities and reducingweaknesses and threats. The review of previous research efforts conducted consideringRenewable Energy framework variables. The results show that the Renewable Energy sectorin Egypt has an economic driver, and opportunities can reduce the environmental impact andimprove the relationship between Population growth and GDP in the context of the futureenergy development plan. The study recommended that increase of the renewable energyefficiency technology market will improve energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.Finally, the study suggested that optimizing the quality of clean energy production need forestablishing new policies and laws to encourage Renewable Energy production.